i’m jealous of jesse draxler’s sketchbook(s)

Oh Jesse Draxler… how I’ve come to love you, and now you have truly found the way to my heart. Your sketchbooks. Sigh.

I do love a good sketchbook, and yesterday Jesse Draxler launched his newly redesigned {full of work lots of us have never seen before} web site, which just so happens to have three of his sketchbooks present and accounted for. These simple/fantastic collages are a few of my favourite pages. I think it’s the effortlessness that gets me the most. Yep, there’s that soul-crushing ache… hey, no one said love didn’t hurt a little bit.

comments (2)

  1. hollie /// 11.30.2010 /// 9:10am

    i’ll share in your jesse draxler envy. i hate to, and try never to, use the word ‘magical’ but it was so hard to hold in when i saw the new site.

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.30.2010 /// 9:38am

    i know. i love it all… the rummage section is particularly “magical” ; )

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