i’m jealous of cassandra smith

Ahh, it seems like just yesterday that I was writing about Cassandra Smith… oh wait a second, that was yesterday! Normally I wouldn’t write about someone two days in a row, but when you’re the co-founder of a beautiful new art magazine, and your personal work looks like this, well then, you leave me no choice. My heart skipped a beat when I opened her site and saw a huge field of animal hide covered in sparkly sequins. Oh Cassandra Smith, you had me at hello.

{The only thing that’s killing me about finding this work , is that I found it a week too late. It would have been perfect for the post I wrote on sfgirlbybay last Tuesday… Damn it.}

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  1. Megan C /// 12.01.2010 /// 7:54am

    Those birds are amazing….

  2. Catherine /// 09.16.2017 /// 12:56am

    These are corpses. Don’t understand why anyone would want to have…no matter how bejewelled. Please stop using dead animals as “decorations.” It is gruesome.