i’m jealous of beth hoeckel

I realize that it’s not polite to stare, but  when you come across mountain ranges {both regular and crocheted}, a ridiculously giant moon, a billowing tower of smoke, and the collage work of American artist Beth Hoeckel… well, it’s kinda hard to look away, no?

{via Design For Mankind & Color Collective}

comments (5)

  1. Color Collective /// 12.14.2010 /// 11:19am

    agreed! totally in love with her work!

  2. Andrea /// 12.14.2010 /// 1:07pm

    These are incredible! I’m also incredibly jealous!

    Andrea x

  3. Lili /// 12.14.2010 /// 7:13pm

    I am very jealous! I used to make collages out of NatGeo magazines many years ago and these took me right back to that time. Maybe I will adventure into the collage world again this Christmas break… Thanks for the inspiration, d.

  4. the jealous curator /// 12.14.2010 /// 7:37pm

    i do collage work too – perhaps that’s where the jealousy is coming from 😉
    i hope you have a very creative christmas break… maybe i’ll get a few national geographics out myself!

  5. sami /// 12.14.2010 /// 8:54pm

    um, what?? these are out of this world!


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