i’m jealous of shaun downey

Wish List : #296… have a soft, beautiful, and insanely well-executed portrait of myself painted by Toronto based artist Shaun Downey… in the forest, wearing a fancy yellow prom dress, with daisies in my hair. Oh, and I also want those lavender rain boots {Wish #297}.

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  1. victoria /// 12.17.2010 /// 6:12pm

    fabulous! and – thank you for reminding me i need to order rain boots. as if i needed the reminder. hello, cats & dogs out there! 😉

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.17.2010 /// 7:14pm

    no problem! we all know it’s important to look good if you’re going to be out in the pouring rain ; )

  3. James /// 12.23.2010 /// 5:57pm

    ???Yellow prom dress…daisies…Daryl…is that you?
    Now is not this artist just an amazing painter…wonderful…thanks for bringing this to my attention…really great.

  4. the jealous curator /// 12.23.2010 /// 7:43pm

    daryl? nope, no daryls here.

  5. James /// 12.26.2010 /// 11:32am

    My sincere apologies…I thought the moderator was named Daryl….Oops..wrong site blog….However…upon taking my foot out….nice art, and on his site..he shows his drawings for preparatory as well…good to see…Maybe you could interview him sometime…and his workflow and stuff..studio visit. Love that kind of stuff.

  6. Hans /// 06.10.2013 /// 6:02pm

    Who is that woman in the first painting?

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