i’m jealous of austin power

Eyes that look like fallen cherry blossoms, and tiny teeth nestled into a little blue mouth. I’m trying really hard to think of something clever to write about these delicate {yet somewhat disturbing} watercolor paintings by New York based artist Austin Power, but truthfully, the only thing in my head is this:  wow

{via Art Hound}

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  1. sile /// 01.25.2011 /// 10:36am

    These remind my of a Seattle artists work: http://www.sarahtakahashi.org/gallery.php Pretty awesome as well!

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.25.2011 /// 11:01am

    wow – those are very cool too! thanks for sending the link

  3. Kathleen /// 01.25.2011 /// 11:01am

    Beautiful! In a creepy way, of course.

    Never underestimate the power of perfectly executed white space.

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.25.2011 /// 11:10am


  5. catie /// 01.25.2011 /// 9:00pm

    so delicate but so haunting.

  6. Anna /// 01.26.2011 /// 5:29am

    So happy to have found your sweet and inspirational blog via reading minasdecorandfashion.blogspot. These paintings seem to engage you by wanting to complete the mystery face. Very cool!


  7. Amy Wilson Faville /// 01.28.2011 /// 1:03am

    Double wow.