i’m jealous of arian behzadi

See those euphoric gals directly above this copy? That’s how I looked when I found the work of California based scientist Arian Behzadi. Um, yes, I said scientist. He is a Biological Sciences major with an emphasis in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at UC Davis who, in between classes, just happens to make some kick-ass art. Insanely jealous? Yep, me too… in a euphoric kind of way, of course!

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  1. Jan /// 03.09.2011 /// 10:10am

    I like the paint-over technique, I’ve used it myself to much satisfaction. Thanks for posting these strong, successful images.

  2. Jennifer /// 02.13.2012 /// 1:19pm

    Do you have gallery representation? Where can I purchase some of your work? It is fabulous!

  3. the jealous curator /// 02.13.2012 /// 1:42pm

    Just sent you an email, with his direct email address – I hope you get a great piece! : )