i’m jealous of vogue on vogue etc

Umm… I kind of love this. What’s not to love –  these are piles of Vogue magazines from all over the world! Oh sure, I have stacks of magazines in my house too, but they don’t look anything like these amazing collages. Each one is made by layering all twelve of the 2010 covers on top of each other. I think every Vogue in the world was included in this series, titled Vogue on Vogue on Vogue etc, but these ones were my faves: Japan, UK, Russia, Brazil, and, of course, Paris!

{I have no idea what the artist’s name is, so if you know, let me know – thank you! // via Andrew Harlow}

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  1. Kathleen /// 03.11.2011 /// 7:30am

    Genius. I hate myself for not thinking of it first.

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.11.2011 /// 10:26am

    i know… me too! so simple, with such beautiful results.

  3. victoria /// 03.13.2011 /// 10:27am

    oooh, love. i want one. huge on my wall!

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.13.2011 /// 11:38am

    me too! can’t decide which one though… it’s a tie between the uk and russia i think.

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  6. Ilse Von Herzog /// 04.25.2012 /// 6:04pm

    They’re beautiful, but I wonder what the copyright infringement is on those.