i’m jealous of little paper planes

Oh, Little Paper Planes… an online gallery/shop that is full of beautiful prints from a huge selection of amazing artists. I decided to put a little grouping together {you know, just a few of my favorites}, but that ended up being about 25 artists, so I forced myself to scale back. My ode to lpp ended up being four very talented women, whose work I thought hung together nicely. Oh, and also, I’m totally jealous of all of them… but you already knew that, didn’t you? Yep.

{1. Alyson Fox 2. Erin Gilkes 3. Ramis Kim 4. Julia Pott}

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  1. Rowan Moore-Seifred /// 04.11.2011 /// 10:23am

    This made me jealous but it is also inspiring me, that’s new and I am deciding that it’s good. You have great taste btw.

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.11.2011 /// 4:45pm

    thank you : )

  3. emily fitzhugh /// 04.11.2011 /// 5:41pm

    I am too! I just blogged about Julia Pott as well. Little Paper Planes has been a favorite of mine for so long. Yay Little Paper Planes!!

  4. Adorevintage /// 04.11.2011 /// 8:58pm

    Love your blog! ♥

  5. the jealous curator /// 04.11.2011 /// 10:30pm

    thank you so much! … and emily, yes… YAY Little Paper Planes!!