i’m jealous of nazmul howlader

Whoa. I love this… sketchbook? Ok, I guess I can’t call it a sketchbook, seeing how there are no sketches in it. Nope, instead of using pencil, New York based artist Nazmul Howlader has filled all of these pages with amazing cut paper creations. So, so beautiful, and insanely inspiring! Hmm, now there must be a pair of scissors around here somewhere…

{via Graphic Dirt}

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  1. Ellen /// 04.20.2011 /// 11:42pm

    You absolutely post the best things. This book looks fantastic! I’m jealous of your incredible eye for art, design and craft. Very jealous indeed.
    I’m happy, though, to have found your inspiring website! Thanks!

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.21.2011 /// 6:57am

    thank ellen! this comment was such a lovely way to start my day : )