i’m jealous of yoran morvant

I have drawn on a lot of things, so why, oh why, has it never occurred to me to draw on stones? Damn. Well, clearly Yoran Morvant realized that rock is the new paper. Sigh… intricately hand-drawn lines, patiently layered into stunning patterns on smooth, grey stones. I said ‘damn’ already, right?

{ps. You can buy these lovely pieces at Ashes & Milk.}

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  1. evan /// 05.17.2011 /// 9:57am

    love it. check us out, i think you’d dig… http://ipaintmymind.org … 🙂

  2. yoran /// 08.12.2011 /// 4:35pm

    cool !!! thanks for the post !!

    check my real job !! http://www.reflexion-paysage.com


  3. TinkerTX /// 02.26.2014 /// 11:25am

    Actually, you can do this. What Yoran Morvant has done is nothing more then take a “zentangle” motif and applied it to a stone with a fine tipped marker. It looks like he’s pretty focused on just one type of motif. There are oodles and oodles of “zentangle” motifs, you just need to pick one and create!