i’m jealous of nicola ginzel

Um… yeah. It’s pretty much impossible not to be jealous of New York based artist Nicola Ginzel. As you can see, she turns mundane, and in some cases, discarded items into precious works of art through the painstaking application of embroidery thread, a little paint, and the occasional bit of gold leaf.  Yep, anyone that can make an old paper cup {not to mention a piece of toilet paper} look this beautiful, is definitely right up there on my list of “soul-crushers”.

{Nicola is part of a two-man show that opens tonight in New York, at Heskin Contemporary. The other artist is Jazmin Berakha… who I also happen to love! Thanks to Kate at Art Hound for the head’s up on the opening.}

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  1. Jess /// 05.26.2011 /// 6:48am

    oh wow. amazing.

  2. bianca of terri planty /// 06.01.2011 /// 4:21pm

    the last few were especially rad.