i’m jealous of jaakko mattila

Ok, it’s official, Finnish artist Jaakko Mattila has inspired me to dig out my watercolor paints, and give that tricky medium another try. Ok, who am I kidding… that’s totally not going to happen. His beautiful work makes it look so easy and effortless, even though I happen to know {from experience} that it’s not. Sigh… so lovely.

{via Design For Mankind}

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  1. Color Collective /// 06.06.2011 /// 7:03am

    These are beautiful! Love!

  2. Élise Somers /// 06.06.2011 /// 10:11am

    Love your blog,
    I keep coming back to read your posts. This week-end I sent a link to it to my 18 year old daughter ( who will be moving soon into her own apartment: ouch). Your blog inspired her so much that it got her into the grove of doing some personal artwork – yep! your blog moves us into more expressivity of self-appreciation. It is real contagious and it makes me real happy! Thanxs a gazillion!

    As for this exquisite finnish find: Mattila’s work screems simplicity + expertise + focus. All of which I am very envious of!

    Kuddos to your loving, passionnate body of work!
    Best Regards,
    la fan du design: Élise

  3. the jealous curator /// 06.06.2011 /// 12:14pm

    Thank you so much Élise! It’s comments like those that inspire me to keep posting every day… so thank you! xo

  4. kaitlyn sullivan /// 06.07.2011 /// 9:09am

    fantastic find! i love the control vs. uncontrollable element

  5. zarah from rootmix.blogspot.com /// 06.07.2011 /// 7:24pm

    yeah, *who am i kidding*, totes. it’s good to get inspired and think it’ll happen for a minute…

  6. the jealous curator /// 06.07.2011 /// 8:14pm

    and sometimes it actually does… but not with watercolor/me! ; )

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