i’m jealous of shawn huckins

I thought these pieces, by American artist Shawn Huckins, were fantastic when I assumed that they were little mixed media pieces, of everyday life, on actual paint chips… but, when I realized that they were in fact really big paintings, of everyday life, on huge canvases skillfully painted to look exactly like actual paint chips, well, that’s when I upgraded my opinion to “fan-freakin’-tastic”. That’s really the first word that comes to mind when you see cars partially submerged in Sea Kelp 390D-5, am I right?

{via Junkculture}

comments (13)

  1. Kathleen /// 06.10.2011 /// 7:31am

    Eff my life. This is good.

  2. Color Collective /// 06.10.2011 /// 7:33am

    what a great idea! awesome!

  3. christa /// 06.10.2011 /// 7:55am

    I thought that they were paintings on paint chips at first, too. I want to jump into Pacific Sea Teal. And yes, you are right about the cars.

  4. Julie /// 06.10.2011 /// 1:38pm

    Love these! Those paint chips at the paint store do seem to cry out for some other sort of application. Great vision Shawn!

  5. Brian /// 06.10.2011 /// 6:40pm

    This is so genius! He may be one of my new faves.

  6. willo /// 06.10.2011 /// 6:40pm

    oooh yes, these are fanTAStic.
    sending you love, d! xo

  7. the jealous curator /// 06.10.2011 /// 6:46pm

    aww… taking that love, and sending a whole bunch back to you too willo xo

  8. emmadajska /// 06.11.2011 /// 4:49am

    I think someone who’s thinking up the names of the paint/lipstick/nail polish colors deserves a separate post. Pure poetry, and often so surreal and absurd (celery spring!!!).
    I’m a devoted user of a lipstick in color called ALARM RED, and that’s exactly how i feel wearing it 😉

  9. the jealous curator /// 06.11.2011 /// 7:06pm

    nail polish on my fingernails as of this morning… “make mine mango” … awesome.

  10. Jennie Mello /// 06.13.2011 /// 9:31am

    Love this too much! Big fan of all you post, but this is awesome.

  11. Peter /// 07.05.2011 /// 12:56am

    I like the Hockney of 510D!

  12. the jealous curator /// 07.05.2011 /// 9:05am

    me too! so good.

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