i’m jealous of christophe dillinger

The list of things needed to make me jealous today:

A second hand Olympia typewriter, a little bottle of white correcting fluid, and a stack of beautifully mundane 6×6 negatives shot by a French artist named Christophe Dillinger. Obviously, a swivel chair would have been the cherry on top of that list, but sadly, no swivel chair… for anyone.

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  1. theGK /// 06.14.2011 /// 11:31am

    what a beautiful post

  2. kaitlyn sullivan /// 06.14.2011 /// 11:43am

    brilliant. and a bit haunting. these are beautiful; thanks for finding 🙂

  3. Timothy Dillinger /// 06.14.2011 /// 11:54am

    Je suis un cactus.

  4. S. Carmody /// 06.14.2011 /// 7:13pm

    Oh I love those photos with the text. I may sound like I’m trying to say ‘I thought of it first’ but it does remind me of something I wanted to do last year, but of course he did it better than I ever could! 🙂

  5. Robyn.R /// 06.14.2011 /// 11:27pm

    A great way of putting humans in space!

  6. Wendel /// 06.17.2011 /// 4:16am

    I don’t know why, but these make me want to cry a bit (in the most lovely and watching-the-movie-amelie-kind of way…) They are very moving to me.
    Great find!