i’m jealous of nadja helena

I like to imagine that all four of these lovely, yet slightly disturbing, little paintings by Nadja Helena are from one narrative… you know, something like a haunted tea party with sweet two-headed guests, that ultimately ends in a tragic puddle drowning while a solitary panda provides a quiet, sort of plinky-plinky, soundtrack to the whole affair. Yep, that’s exactly what I’m imagining right at this very moment.

{via Brown Paper Bag}

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  1. kate /// 06.16.2011 /// 5:44pm

    these are awesome! wowee! i love the sea blue/coral color combo of the 3rd piece.

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.16.2011 /// 9:13pm

    i thought you might like these ; )

  3. M!ky /// 06.16.2011 /// 10:55pm

    This make me feel so innocent. Looks amazing. I’d like to have a panda singin’ on the piano … it’s lovely