i’m jealous of ‘dear photograph’

This makes me want to cry. I’m not sure why. It must have something to do with childhood nostalgia, and the fact that even though the streets and houses haven’t changed that much, we have. We’re all grown up, and we’ll never be little again… but I digress. These images are part of a lovely online project called “Dear Photograph”. Anyone {yes, even you!} can send in a photo to be part of the collection. All you have to do is “take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.” Easy… and apparently kinda sad, if you’re a sentimental sap like me.

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  1. theGK /// 06.22.2011 /// 7:09am

    these are amazing!

  2. liv /// 06.22.2011 /// 9:01am

    The best ideas are often the simple ones, very inspiring!

  3. annie /// 06.22.2011 /// 12:24pm

    i think the nostalgia also has to do with the photographs themselves…. they aren’t digital, and they have that yellowed, i’ve-been-in-a-box-and-taken-out-occasionally look to them… which i equate with my childhood.

    which is all to say, i totally get what you’re saying here…! 🙂

  4. dawn /// 06.22.2011 /// 3:21pm

    This just sends me.

  5. Carmen /// 06.22.2011 /// 3:40pm

    I agree, I was tearing up too…. there’s just something bitter/sweet about yesterday.

  6. Ninotchka /// 06.22.2011 /// 3:49pm

    WOW. Cool. I’m a sap too. That first one. :::SOB!:::

  7. the jealous curator /// 06.22.2011 /// 4:36pm

    phew! glad i’m not the only sap out there! ; )

  8. Carrie /// 06.23.2011 /// 7:00am

    These are so wonderful. It’s amazing how much changes, yet how much stays the same.

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