i’m still jealous of vincent pacheco

Come on, paint a cigarette… all of the cool kids are doing it. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life  – ok, once at a bar in Belgium when I was 18 – it did not go well. I’m hoping things go a little smoother tonight at The Cheaper Show preview party when I find myself up-close and personal with the work of Seattle based artist Vincent Pacheco {aka Mudchicken, and the founder of WAFA!?!} I wrote about him last year, and have been insanely jealous ever since… obviously you can imagine my delight when I was doing a final perusal through the list of 200 Cheaper Show artists, and there he was. I’m not sure if he’ll be at the show, but if he is, let’s hope I don’t cough, choke and tear up!

{The Cheaper Show officially opens on Saturday night at 6pm… 200 artists, 400 pieces of art, everything priced at $200. Get there early… and I mean really early!}

comments (2)

  1. Jojo /// 06.24.2011 /// 11:28pm

    Having seen this work LIVE tonite at The Cheaper Show, just made me feel jealous of me!

  2. thejoyofcolor /// 11.27.2013 /// 2:37pm

    I’m jelous too

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