i’m jealous of kirsten mccrea

A list of reasons to be jealous of Montreal based artist Kirsten McCrea, by The Jealous Curator:

A little self-conscious lucha man, & Kim in his shades, & an insanely ornate deer head {that would make gorgeous/painful tattoo}, & a jaunty jockey at a rodeo. Oh, & she also runs Papirmasse, “an affordable art subscription that delivers a print with art on the front, and writing on the back to your mailbox every month for the incredible price of only $5 a month.” …What?! Yep, it’s true.

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  1. Twitted by andkathleen /// 08.05.2011 /// 3:09pm

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  2. Justin /// 08.06.2011 /// 12:58pm

    Love the ampersand pieces-they have both tactile and digital quality, really hard to do

  3. Kristin McCrea, The Genius | Cant and Candor /// 08.23.2011 /// 9:51pm

    […] WOW […]

  4. Billy Andrews /// 01.16.2012 /// 6:30pm

    Those crazy patterns are so amazing!

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