i’m jealous of naomi vanderkindren

Reconstruction is a lovely, yet haunting, series about the construction and reconstruction of memories through “photographic suggestion”. I was trying to figure out how American artist Naomi Vanderkindren created these mixed media pieces, and I can safely say, this would not have been my first guess:

“Anything that makes a shadow can form an image in the darkroom, and I create my negatives using multiple layers of collage, pencil drawings, and photographs printed on typing paper. I titled these “photogenic drawings” after the early inventor Talbot’s description of his first experiments using the shadows of objects to make images.”

Nope… I never would figured that out on my own. Ever.

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  1. Barbara Levine /// 08.25.2011 /// 8:03am

    Innovative use of vernacular photography, photo montage and collage. Beautiful and inspired compositions. Thank you!

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