i’m jealous of nishant jethi

Big letters. Little birds. Why? Well, I’ll tell you – these cute little birds are called house sparrows, and in India their population is on the decline due to, well, a lack of houses. With so many high rises going up and the urban jungle constantly expanding, there are fewer places for these sweet birds to nest… until now! Thanks to Mumbai based designer Nishant Jethi, and this project, titled Living Typography, they are getting cozy in a stylish number ’86’, and settling down for the night with “MONA”… lucky little birdies!

{via Junkculture}

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  1. Charlie /// 09.13.2011 /// 8:28am

    Here in the States, it’s actually a good thing that House Sparrows are on the decline since they are an invasive European species that displaces our Native ones. Love these letters and their practicality, but I really hope that Juncos and Chickadees move into them.

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.13.2011 /// 10:06am

    Well, I’m not sure where Nishant lives actually… maybe Europe? I have the cutest barn swallows that build a nest on the side of my house every spring… but now I’m thinking of getting them a nice number or letter to move into ; )

  3. Jessica /// 09.14.2011 /// 6:52am

    Where on earth can I buy such amazing creations? I didn’t see anything on Nischant’s blog.

  4. the jealous curator /// 09.14.2011 /// 7:36am

    i looked around everywhere too! i wanted to include it in the post, but i couldn’t find anything. nishant… if you read this, let us know! : )

  5. Nishant /// 09.14.2011 /// 10:02pm

    Hey friends,

    Thanks for appreciating my work. Well, I live and work in Mumbai, India.
    The response has been phenomenal and I have been getting so many mails for buying this typeface. This started off as a personal project so I’m still working on a bigger production plan. As soon as it is in place, I’ll update it to all those who have shown interest.
    Irrespective of the geography, sparrows deserve to live. Its not for us to decide. Just to help. Of course, this is subjective.

    Thanks again.

  6. the jealous curator /// 09.15.2011 /// 6:08am

    hello nishant! thank you so much for responding… your bird houses are in hot demand! congratulations, and let us know when/where we can buy them : )

  7. Azi /// 09.27.2011 /// 7:00am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

    What an amazing idea. Nishant, please repost to this thread when you have these in production.



  8. Naz /// 01.27.2012 /// 11:22am

    Don’t put perches on nest-boxes. It gives predatory birds somewhere to sit. 🙁

  9. Lori Viereckl /// 11.03.2013 /// 11:36am

    as others have said ‘don’t put perches on the house’ Love them otherwise.