i’m jealous of lisa wiseman

Lovely old polaroids, right? No. They are, in fact, “the evolution of polaroid”. San Francisco based photographer Lisa Wiseman used her iPhone to capture all of these vintage-not-really-vintage-at-all images… and I love them! So much! I’ll let Lisa explain:

Because the iPhone has become a ubiquitous accessory, on-the-go picture taking is now the norm. People use their iPhones to take spontaneous photos in the same carefree way that cheap polaroid film has been used inthe past. In concept and ideology the iPhone mimics polaroid, however it pushes the aesthetic forward by utilizing a non-film (but technologically average) medium. Just like traditional polaroids had a specific size and unique look, iPhone photos, both raw and processed with iPhone apps, are unmistakable because the technology limits them to a fixed size and resolution and imbues them with a unique chromatic aberration that says iPhone and nothing else. I love the new polaroid.

Me too Lisa, me too.

{Thanks to Victoria for telling me about Lisa’s work.}

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  1. PineconeCamp /// 09.16.2011 /// 1:35pm

    I love the “new polaroid” as well. Lisa’s images are so beautiful.

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.16.2011 /// 3:26pm

    Aren’t they!? So tranquil. Love ’em.

  3. Jessica /// 09.18.2011 /// 1:08pm

    I love this! Up until now I’ve had mixed feelings about digital photography – despite my unapologetic conversion to using it in all forms – but after hearing what Lisa has to say about her beautiful images I can’t help but appreciate the truth of the “new polaroid”. Thanks for sharing!

  4. the jealous curator /// 09.18.2011 /// 3:03pm

    so glad you like her work… i was smitten the second i saw it! (and yes, i love her ideas on “the new polaroid” too!)