i’m jealous of takashi iwasaki

“…balance, color, composition, contrast, push-pull effect, shape, texture, variety of mark makings, visual weight…” These are the elements that go into the colorful, beautifully bizarre {embroidered!} wonderlands that are the work of Winnipeg based artist Takashi Iwasaki. Now, where did I put my sewing kit… I’m suddenly feeling very inspired!

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  1. Anne Nowak /// 09.22.2011 /// 7:09am


  2. Ann /// 09.22.2011 /// 4:48pm

    I am jealous too! And equally inspired! These are beautiful!

  3. Lori /// 09.22.2011 /// 8:38pm

    Love those threads!

  4. abeautifulparty /// 09.23.2011 /// 3:55am

    oh me oh my these are beautiful!

  5. m.a.tateishi /// 09.23.2011 /// 5:45am

    I love his work too, and I own and enjoy one of his paintings. It’s actually Takashi Iwasaki.

  6. the jealous curator /// 09.23.2011 /// 6:37am

    oops! not sure how that happened! thank you : )

  7. m.a.tateishi /// 09.23.2011 /// 7:30am

    Probably those confusing domain names! Love being introduced to new artists on your blog, thanks!

  8. the jealous curator /// 09.23.2011 /// 1:18pm

    yes! that mixed with writing posts way past bedtime! ; )

  9. Carmen /// 09.23.2011 /// 1:29pm

    Ahhh, so good! m.a.tateishi, I am so jealous that you own a piece of his work!

  10. Lisa /// 11.26.2011 /// 11:23am

    I own one too-a drawing. He is a fabulous artist. Well-worth every penny…You should check out his gallery, Semai, as well.

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