i’m jealous of ye rin mok

Ok, I’ll admit it… it was that pink couch that got me! I have a thing for simple, everyday images that might not be expected subject matter.. enter the portfolio of Seoul born, LA based photographer¬†Ye Rin Mok. So many lovely, simple¬†images. Sigh. Yes, it started with the pink couch, but it didn’t take long before the green shag carpet, and polka-dot underthings had me putting today’s post together.

{Her work has been featured in a long list of magazines, including a few of my favorites: Bust, W, and Dwell.}

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  1. alicia bock /// 10.20.2011 /// 1:27pm

    so fabulous… I dream of a house with a pink tiled bathroom, just like my grandparents had…

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.20.2011 /// 4:15pm

    my grandparents had a pink bathroom too! they called it the “avon room” because my grandmother was a door-to-door avon saleslady, and stored all of her extra products in there… it was all pink all the time in that room! ; )

  3. PATTERNplan /// 10.24.2011 /// 9:59am

    the pictures are like paintings, amazing. And who wouldn’t like a pink bathroom!

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.24.2011 /// 8:12pm


  5. ModernSauce /// 11.05.2011 /// 7:58am

    I think it’s time to stop cursing my sea foam green bathroom and show it a little love… Thanks for the great find!

  6. the jealous curator /// 11.05.2011 /// 12:10pm

    ha! yes, embrace your sea foam bathroom… the poor thing probably needs a little love ; )