i’m jealous of jessica bell

I have loved the work of Vancouver based artist Jessica Bell since the first time I saw it, about two years ago. Bits of paper, paint, fabric, thread… it’s all in there! They are delicate, lovely, and beautifully composed. The images below are her latest body of work {so recent in fact that these images aren’t even on her site yet!}. These textile assemblages contain bits and pieces of perfectly chosen fabric, that have been sewn together to create a series of “clouds”…

I wish I could show these to you in person!* They’re huge {light ones: 32″x40″ ; dark ones: 36″ x 48″} and so beautifully crafted. Oh boy, now I really want a stormy day… and a sewing machine!

*{If you’re in Vancouver, you can see these at East Van Studio until November 12th. They are part of a group show called “Monument(al)” that also features the work of Sarah Gee and Aaron Moran.}

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  1. Jessica /// 11.08.2011 /// 9:54am

    This post is so generous. I’m honoured to land on your site!

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.08.2011 /// 10:53am

    i’m honored to have you ; )

  3. The Storialist /// 11.08.2011 /// 12:03pm

    Over and over—Jessica Bell, FTW!!!

  4. Laurel /// 11.08.2011 /// 12:40pm

    Reminds me of Home Ec with Jessica in jr. high……. her sewing was always SO much prettier than the rest of us. Jess- remember the owls???

  5. kate /// 11.08.2011 /// 1:02pm

    jessica’s one of my favorites! i’m SO jealous you got to see her work in person!

  6. Isabella /// 11.08.2011 /// 1:11pm

    Jessica’s work is amazing – Ive been a secret stalker of hers for a while now. Well done Jessica – its a lovely write up and you should be very proud! Looking at your works I’m always filled with a quiet tranquility. Just amazing Jessica – youre like a warm breeze on a fresh spring day!

  7. the jealous curator /// 11.08.2011 /// 1:37pm

    she really is like a warm breeze on a fresh spring day… so sweet, and so talented! (and yes, kate, you REALLY have to see them in person – the photos do not do them justice!)

  8. Jessica /// 11.08.2011 /// 8:34pm

    Wow, what a lovely group you are, thank you.

    Laurel! Of course I remember those owls!!! I wasn’t allowed to divert from the pattern which drove me nuts and our home ec room smelled permanently like pancakes!

    Hannah, I just had to Google what ‘FTW’ meant. And this is how I know that you are younger than me.

  9. Madeleine /// 11.20.2011 /// 10:48am

    Very beautiful work, I love the paper collages especially.

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