i’m jealous of amy ross

I’m not usually a fan of mushrooms, but when they have delicate little legs like these ones, well, I’m willing to reconsider! Boston based artist Amy Ross creates strange, whimsical collages that, quite honestly, remind me of being a little girl. My mom is a very accomplished painter, and during the 70’s our family spent a lot of time going for walks in the woods so that my dad could photograph all sorts of strange mushrooms as her watercolor subject matter. I never saw any that looked like this, try as I might. Hm, a couple of these, and maybe a unicorn… yep, all of my childhood dreams would have come true!

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  1. GK /// 11.14.2011 /// 8:19pm

    I love these!

  2. Amanda /// 11.17.2011 /// 12:54pm

    That second one is seamless! How interesting.

  3. amy ross - Alphi Creative /// 03.09.2018 /// 2:05am

    […] the wonderful world of Boston based artist Amy Ross. I wrote about her years ago {2011 to be exact}, but just stumbled onto a few of her latest nature-inspired collages. Oh I love those mushroom […]