i’m jealous of lydia shirreff

Sigh. I love all of this gorgeous work by London based artist Lydia Shirreff. Diamond-ish crystals mounted on the wall {titled ‘growth’}, white concrete floor buckling up from below {titled ‘terrain’}, and don’t even get me started on that amazing wall full of shelves displaying tiny, colorful, geometric specimens {titled Animal, Mineral, Vegetable}… oh. my. word… that wall!

{via sodapopgirl}

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  1. Amanda /// 11.29.2011 /// 9:47am

    Wowy, wow, wow! I LOVE those installation pieces and that wall. I gotta check out this artist.

  2. Angela Beloian /// 11.29.2011 /// 6:22pm

    A friend just shared your blog with me and I’m so glad she did. It’s wonderful! Thanks so much for introducing us to so many artists.

  3. the jealous curator /// 11.29.2011 /// 7:33pm

    i’m glad she did too! thanks so much for your sweet words : )