i’m jealous of lynda benglis

Ok, American artist Lynda Benglis isn’t exactly an emerging artist {you can tell because of her very established/accomplished career that started in the 1960s, her very full Wikipedia page, and this series of images by LIFE Magazine!}, but when I saw these amazing photographs, I just had to post them. The colors are absolutely stunning, the result is beautiful, and come on… wouldn’t you want a chance to pour huge buckets of neon paint onto a concrete floor? Yep, me too!

{via candy ping pong}

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  1. m.a.tateishi /// 12.22.2011 /// 3:15pm

    Yes! I can’t think of any floor that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of fluidly melting neon paint. Love this.

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.22.2011 /// 4:14pm

    i love it too. so much!

  3. Cassandra Tondro /// 12.24.2011 /// 5:08pm

    How does she manage to not get the paint all over her? When I pour latex paint, I end up covered in the stuff! Maybe she’s dressed in her good clothes for the magazine shoot. I love her work!

  4. Lili /// 12.26.2011 /// 6:46pm

    I got here through Pinterest. Great to see your blog showing up everywhere. Amazing post, btw.

  5. the jealous curator /// 12.26.2011 /// 7:10pm

    oh really?! that’s good to hear! thanks lili xo

  6. tijana /// 12.28.2011 /// 8:32pm

    soooo awesome! i don’t know too much about art, but i love learning from your posts… really dig this “fallen painting” style 🙂

  7. Ke /// 12.29.2011 /// 8:56am

    I’m not jealous, I’m pissed. Why do people actually get paid/famous for this crap? Children can pour paint on a floor. Woop-di-doo.
    Let’s see her make a freeking neon-colored Mona Lisa or something with that sheisse, THEN I’d be impressed.

  8. the jealous curator /// 12.29.2011 /// 9:21am

    well, as we all know, art is totally subjective. you can feel any way you like about any piece of work… that’s the beauty of art! personally i am jealous of lynda because of her color choices, the fun “child-like” process that she’s chosen to use, and on top of that I think the final piece is quite beautiful. i hope you find your neon mona lisa some day – maybe you should make one ; )

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  10. Pony Rider /// 02.18.2012 /// 1:15pm

    Anyone can say “I could make that!” -But the point is, they didn’t. “A child could make that!” Yes, and they would have tons of fun doing it. You should too! Like Picasso said, artists spend their whole life trying to learn to paint like a child. I’m hugely inspired by children’s art.. they are always in the flow!