i’m jealous of gaëlle villedary

Sigh… I would love to follow this grassy path through the lovely town of Jaujac France! This installation is titled Tapis Rouge, and was created by Marseille based artist Gaëlle Villedary. Here’s what Google Translate has to tell us about this gorgeous project:

In the heart of the village of Jaujac, the in situ installation Red Carpet! Celebrates the 10 years of trail Art and Nature, on my path a Artist past … Deploy the symbolic of the tribute, through the village to link the natural spaces on both sides, a link, a path, a trail, connecting the heart of the village and its inhabitants with the valley. The incarnation of the thread which crosses the eras in Jaujac is a sprig of nature, a communion between nature and man, through art.

Sigh {yes, we needed another one}… I hope your new year {and mine!} is filled with lovely walks on grassy paths through France! Happy New Year ~ see you in 2012!

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  1. arryetty /// 01.04.2012 /// 2:50pm

    this is somehow really beautiful. I just wanted to say, that I love your blog so much. You always have so much inspiring art, I didn’t knwo before.

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.04.2012 /// 3:34pm

    thank you so much : )

  3. brigitte /// 01.05.2012 /// 6:23pm

    Ah being given freedom of expression in such a magnificent place!

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  6. KBPortraits /// 01.08.2012 /// 11:21am

    What an interesting idea and such a beautiful place! Another reason why I MUST find my way to France one of these days!!! Its on my bucket list!