i’m jealous of amber ibarreche

I haven’t said this out loud in awhile, but it definitely applies today… Damn, I wish I thought of this! Brooklyn based artist Amber Ibarreche is a multi-talented gal, but it’s these bizarre collections of hers that have punched me square in the creative gut… yep, that’s gonna leave a mark.

comments (8)

  1. Maria /// 01.09.2012 /// 9:46am

    First one is flawless! I love the pills too!

  2. Rebecca - A Daily Something /// 01.09.2012 /// 11:21am

    Dang! That feather ball thing is amazing 😉

  3. matt /// 01.09.2012 /// 11:27am

    She’s seriously good.

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.09.2012 /// 11:59am


  5. Curator /// 01.09.2012 /// 12:42pm

    The mineral collection is reminiscent of an Hermes scarf, called strangely, Les minéraux.

  6. Gabriel /// 01.09.2012 /// 2:37pm

    oh man, this just makes me want to run out of the office and get my collage pants on!

  7. the jealous curator /// 01.09.2012 /// 4:38pm

    me toooooooo!

  8. laurette /// 09.25.2012 /// 2:57pm

    Yes amazing daughter too. love u AMBER

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