i’m jealous of william hatch crosby

Ah yes… another day, another portrait series! Instead of being faceless {like yesterday’s featured work}, these vintage-looking people are covered in graphic, tribal, gouache markings. LOVE! This simple, yet striking series, titled Legends, is the work of Brooklyn based artist/illustrator William Hatch Crosby.

{Thank you so much to Rina for sending me a link to William’s work!}

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  1. Rina Jost /// 01.17.2012 /// 11:29am

    very welcome 🙂 I love the work too!

  2. The Art Planet » Blog Archive » Things Sasquatch Loves and Happy New Year /// 01.26.2012 /// 11:50am

    […] Really random, odd and something I would totally want to hang on the wall. William Hatch Crosby via Honestly WTF. […]

  3. jill tennent /// 04.14.2012 /// 7:18am

    have a look at rick hards’ work – he’s been doing that for decades now, but better. http://www.lisasettegallery.com/a-hards.htm

  4. Elise Rugolo /// 02.01.2013 /// 8:49am

    I’ll second Jill’s comment. Rick Hards is the master of this genre. His paintings on tintypes are also quite exquisite.

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