i’m jealous of phillip low

Ok, I thought these were illustrations, or prints of some kind… but they are, in fact, sculptures! Yes… beautiful, light-infused, acrylic sculptures! Vancouver born, New York based Phillip Low is the artist/designer behind these lovely, man-made gems. I would love to see them in person, preferably not in a gallery setting, because I’d really like to pick one up and look at it from every angle {… and fyi, galleries don’t usually like that very much!}

{photos taken by Uday Kak, for Maryam Nassir Zadeh}

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  1. emmadajska /// 02.03.2012 /// 8:41am

    nevermind, they look so yummy, like cut jelly!

  2. Lesley /// 02.03.2012 /// 9:37am

    Beee-yooo-teeful! Love love love.

  3. Stephanie /// 02.03.2012 /// 11:31am

    Gee I really really want one. Awesome! 🙂 How big are they?

  4. Stephanie /// 02.03.2012 /// 11:33am

    oops! I just saw the link to his site! thanks!!!

  5. lynn sondrelie /// 02.15.2012 /// 11:39am

    Love your site but shouldn’t the word be ENVIOUS rather than jealous?

  6. the jealous curator /// 02.15.2012 /// 12:32pm

    yes, you’re right… now, it should be envious, not jealous …but the logo’s already done!; )
    in all seriousness though, when i started this litte adventure (3 years ago) i was jealous. in a bad way. but now i’m jealous in a good way (ie. “envious”)