drum roll please…

Nicola Sheahan! Congratulations Nicola, you have a $75 gift certificate at 20×200 coming your way {I’ll send you an email with details!}… I wish you all could have won, but hold on a second, 20×200 just sent me this message:

As a thanks to your readers for participating, we’d like to offer them an exclusive deal – $10 off a purchase of $50+. They just need to enter the code JEALOUS during checkout. This is valid now through midnight ET tomorrow {March 2, 2012}. Please note: each customer/email address is limited to one use of this code only.

YAY! Thanks to all of you that entered, and thanks so much to 20×200 for this super fun giveaway!

comments (3)

  1. Nicole Sheahan /// 03.01.2012 /// 12:32pm

    Dancing around the office in excitement! Double bonus, everyone thinks I really love my job!

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.01.2012 /// 12:36pm

    ha! so glad to make you so happy… and maybe you’ll get a raise too! ; )

  3. Mary /// 03.01.2012 /// 1:07pm

    Congrats Nicole! Now I’m jealous of YOU! That was a fantastic give-away 🙂