i’m jealous of luli sanchez

Whoa. Brooklyn based artist Luli {aka Lourdes} Sanchez has a huge portfolio full of work… and when I say huge, I mean HUGE. I decided to go half color/half b&w, but there were so many ways I could have done this post. Flowers, dots, abstract… and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on. Love.

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  1. Georgy Ragazza /// 04.02.2012 /// 3:06am

    These are textiles??? My God, the work is just beautiful and makes me properly salivate! Sharing this link on Twitter!

  2. tiff /// 04.06.2012 /// 6:52am

    This post got a big “Ooooooooh” from me. Love her stuff.

  3. Art Inspired Fashion | Clever /// 07.07.2012 /// 2:20pm

    […] Here is my fashionably late ode to Man Men, as inspired by artist Luli Sanchez’s textile designs. […]

  4. cati /// 02.02.2018 /// 12:06pm

    Wow! I absolutly love her work. So strong and delicate too!
    Thanks for this post!!!

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