i’m jealous of rachel mosler

There is something very quiet, comforting, and nostalgic about the work of American artist Rachel Mosler. All of these pieces feel like simple, yet confusing family trees that I would quite happily spend the afternoon trying to unravel. I would love to see them up close, because those details are killing me! Sigh ~ lovely.

Oh, and then there’s this… it’s a close up of one of her studies, but wouldn’t it be amazing if she created a printed fabric with it?  I want a “Rachel Mosler” skirt… what do you say, Rachel?!

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  1. Artsy Forager /// 04.23.2012 /// 9:16am

    Great find! These are so sweet and lovely. I firmly believe some of the best artists’ work would make unbelievable textiles. Art skirts for everyone! 😉

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.23.2012 /// 9:42am

    ha! yes!!! art skirts for all!!

  3. Kirstin /// 04.23.2012 /// 10:19am

    I love these! Wow! Thanks!

  4. Nick /// 04.25.2012 /// 6:50am

    Thanks for this..
    This work is so delicate and mysterious. I am really tantalized by the idea of family trees, or genealogies fading in to absurdity behind us because it is kind of true – Most of us know little about our ancestry beyond a few generations. Amazing work!