i’m jealous of evelin kasikov

Stitched portraits, CMYK experiments, bold typography! Whoa… the graphic designer, and the artsy embroidery-lover, in me are both madly in love! London based designer/artist Evelin Kasikov blends these two disciplines perfectly! She has been commissioned to do works for WIRED, The New York Times, Kate Spade and many others. Yep, madly in love, and totally jealous! Oh, and you have to see her artist profile for the Kate Spade project:

Madly. In. Love.

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  1. Audrey - This Little Street /// 04.30.2012 /// 6:56am

    Her work is awesome! I’m also so madly in love with cross-stitching applied where it “doesn’t belong” – just made this cross-stitched stool, had so much fun:


  2. the jealous curator /// 04.30.2012 /// 7:18am

    wow! i love that – beautiful work!!! ; )

  3. Carolina /// 04.30.2012 /// 4:06pm


  4. the jealous curator /// 04.30.2012 /// 4:37pm

    oh! why thank you!! ; )

  5. Carolina /// 05.01.2012 /// 12:12pm

    and not only jealous but so happy to have come across your blog, you blog has become an every day thing for me, I’ve recommend it to many people and I will continue to do so.
    if you are in NY it will be a pleasure to meet you, and invite you to visit an art space in Queens that I run.

    thank you so much!!

  6. the jealous curator /// 05.01.2012 /// 6:59pm

    thank YOU so much carolina! your comments have made my day… and yes, when i’m in ny next time, i’ll give you a shout! : )

  7. Dave /// 05.02.2012 /// 9:14am

    I recently came across Evelin’s work through another source, but her work is stunning. I love the irony of the message in the method.

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  9. c l o r o p h y l l a * /// 05.05.2012 /// 9:39pm

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  10. Christoph /// 05.06.2012 /// 11:41pm

    I really like her new project but everything she does is just great. Have you seen the Ordinary People and Disposable Objects by Idan Friedman:

    Greetz from Germany!

  11. the jealous curator /// 05.07.2012 /// 6:28am

    yes! those are fantastic! thanks so much for the link christoph! : )

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