i’m jealous of anne siems

Ahh, the work of Seattle based, German-born, artist Anne Siems… so beautiful, so so strange. This is actually her work from a few years ago {here’s her more recent work}, but the closeups of these paintings on panel were just too amazing not to show. There is an entire world happening in each of these pieces… lovely lambs, tiny flowers, and a strange little man riding… um,  is that a dog?

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  1. Kate /// 05.29.2012 /// 8:42am

    I love her recent work but am very drawn to these earlier paintings. The colours, the utter strangeness and the reward of looking into them, over and again.

  2. jo /// 05.29.2012 /// 9:57am

    I’ve never seen her work before so thanks for introducing me to it!
    Beautiful, whimsical and the right amount of oddness : )

  3. the jealous curator /// 05.29.2012 /// 10:33am

    exactly! i do love a little oddness in my day! ; )

  4. Saskia /// 05.30.2012 /// 2:40am

    Lovely and kooky. They’re like a beautiful Where’s Wally for grown-ups.

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