i’m jealous of mark bradley shoup AGAIN

Ya know, you think you know someone… and then they show you these?! I wrote about the paintings of American artist Mark Bradley Shoup at least three years ago. Since then, we’ve become friends, and we’re even working on a few projects together {including an art show in February 2013 in Chattanooga, GIRL CRUSH Chattanooga, and hopefully a chance for me to speak at the University while I’m there!}

Anyway, Mark is known for his muted color palettes, and mundane/beautiful Americana landscapes, which I absolutely love. We started talking about collage the other day, and he said “Oh, I do a bit of collage work – I’ll send a few over”… and this is what showed up in my inbox. Um… LOVE!!! Geesh, I wonder what else he’s hiding from me? I’ll have to raid his studio when I’m there in February!

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  1. Becca /// 05.31.2012 /// 9:33am

    Oh these are so fun! I especially love the second images. Amazing – I am happy he sent these over to you 🙂

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.31.2012 /// 10:11am

    me too!

  3. Ashley Hamilton /// 05.31.2012 /// 5:22pm

    OMG!!!!!!! Okay, so I’m not sure if i’ve ever introduced myself, but i’ve been browsing your site DAILY for QUITE SOME TIME. It’s part of my morning routine, actually. 😉 I keep meaning to post on, well, pretty much everything, but for some reason it always escapes me. Until NOW! When i saw Mark’s name i was like “NO WAY” because he is a professor at my university!!! I live in chattanooga and would absolutely LOOOOOVE to have you visit our university (we have a great art program here!) and i’m super psyched about you putting together a show. If you get a chance you should also do some upper-classmen studio visits as well! 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing. I had no idea he did this kind of work. I’m a big fan. I do own one of his classic mundane urban landscape paintings that i scored recently at a take art leave art event. Really excited to see more of his work. Thank you!!! And keep us updated on the Chattanooga events! =) =) =)

  4. the jealous curator /// 05.31.2012 /// 8:47pm

    ok – that gets the “best comment” award for the week! thanks ashley!!! i cannot wait to come to chattanooga – the show will be at the tanner hill gallery, and we’re just firming up exact dates (i’ll keep you posted!) see you in february : )

  5. Ashley Hamilton /// 06.01.2012 /// 8:27am

    Haha thank you, im honored. 😉 To be honest, not only am i jealous of nearly everything you post, but i’m super jealous of the jealous curator. “why didn’t i think of starting a blog like that!?” Either way, im a big fan. thanks for keeping my inspiration going, every day! Looking forward to meeting for you for sure. And i love tanner hill gallery! Awesome.

  6. the jealous curator /// 06.01.2012 /// 8:31am

    aw, thanks ashley! looking forward to meeting you!! : )

  7. Amy Greenan /// 06.04.2012 /// 5:25pm

    Chattanooga! I was just sitting here wishing that a Girl Crush would happen somewhere I could feasibly go, and… my boyfriend is from there originally! I can’t wait to hear more details and hope I can work something out to come down and join you. 🙂

  8. the jealous curator /// 06.04.2012 /// 6:46pm

    oh, that would be amazing to have you there amy! it’s going to be in february, when i’m there for the show that i’m curating. i’ll give you more details when i’ve got them! : )

  9. Jean Hess /// 09.05.2013 /// 12:37pm

    How can I mail or e-mail you an invitation to a show in Knoxville so you have something else to be jealous of!!???

    I love Mark Bradley-Shoup’s work BTW — so fun.


    Jean Hess

  10. the jealous curator /// 09.05.2013 /// 4:06pm

    hi jean! you can send it to contact@thejealouscurator.com – thank you!