i’m jealous of dennis bredow

Ooh, a flash from the past! I love vintage imagery, especially old packaging & advertising. Clearly, American artist Dennis Bredow does too. Found images that have been cropped and mounted to wood panel, with just the right amount of  acrylic paint. And, for obvious reasons, I think this one might be my favorite:

Ha! Remember that ad? Well, I’ve got my brush and pen… still waiting for the money to start rolling in… any day now!

comments (3)

  1. Maria /// 07.12.2012 /// 8:51am

    These are great. I’m loving wood grain and distressed textures lately!

  2. Dave /// 07.12.2012 /// 9:30am

    This appeals to both the art and design sides of my creative instinct.

  3. Rob /// 07.18.2012 /// 9:22pm

    Love this. Terrific.