i’m jealous of rachel whiteread

Whoa. I think I’m in love. Here are THREE very good reasons for my art crush on British artist Rachel Whiteread:




Oh my. As you can see, I love so much of Rachel’s work… and how can you blame me? Sculptures on shelves, drawings, and pink resin doors. It’s all so beautiful. Sigh.

{ps. My latest ART GOES HERE post is up on sfgirlbybay today!}

comments (10)

  1. jacqueline | thehourglassfiles /// 07.25.2012 /// 9:46am

    The resin pieces are really cool. I really wish I could feel the surface for some reason.

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.25.2012 /// 11:04am

    so smooooooth…

  3. Ashley Hamilton /// 07.25.2012 /// 11:31am


  4. jessica /// 07.25.2012 /// 10:54pm

    Whiteread’s drawing book is inspirational.

  5. the jealous curator /// 07.26.2012 /// 6:31am

    yes! … actually all of her work sort of takes my breath away.

  6. Anna /// 07.26.2012 /// 4:19am

    SUPER NICE! oh my.

  7. Laura /// 07.28.2012 /// 7:09pm

    These are amazing. LOVE!

  8. amy w /// 08.27.2012 /// 5:42pm

    I did my final university dissertation on Rachel Whiteread – despite my degree being in photography. That’s how much I love her work 😉

  9. the jealous curator /// 08.27.2012 /// 10:26pm

    ha! well, i don’t blame you… her work is amazing!!!

  10. lisa /// 10.11.2012 /// 11:37am

    the house looks TOO similar to korean artist, Suh Do Ho although the medium is different.

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