i’m still jealous of ashley goldberg

Oh boy. I wrote about Portland based artist/illustrator Ashley Goldberg about three years ago… and here we are again! Little houses, little birds, and little beards {and little birds with little beards, of course!}. I have to admit though, my main reason for writing this post was so that I could show this painting. I have always loved this painting:

Sigh. Awesome.

{ps. Ashley is yet another artist who will be featured in my upcoming book… Q. Who’s crazy excited?! A. Yep, it’s me!}

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  1. Amanda /// 08.03.2012 /// 7:13am

    I’m still on the hunt for a cute guy with a cute beard, so if I can’t have the real thing, these paintings are pretty much the perfect alternative.

  2. Maria /// 08.03.2012 /// 10:18am

    This is only encouraging my beard fetish. 😛

  3. the jealous curator /// 08.03.2012 /// 7:24pm

    ha! i’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing ; )

  4. Christine /// 08.20.2012 /// 11:17am

    Love her! I bought two of her prints earlier this year right away! I want everything I see her do!