i’m jealous of daphne chan

Lovely, yet somewhat disturbing, nudes by Vancouver based photographer Daphne Chan. They are so peaceful, soft, weird, and uncomfortable … sigh… I love them.

{There is a really good video interview with Daphne on “HOT ART WET CITY”… great insight into her work/subject matter.}

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  1. Carolina /// 08.15.2012 /// 7:35am

    Daphne is a rockstar. Love that lady!

  2. Jeremy /// 08.15.2012 /// 8:21am

    Agreed! Daphne is fantastic!

  3. Daphne /// 08.15.2012 /// 10:09am

    Thank you so much for including my work on your site! I’ve been a fan for quite a while. I’ve never had the words soft and weird describe this project-thanks for your feedback.

  4. Debra /// 08.15.2012 /// 10:37am

    It’s an honour to doff your clothes for Daphne.

  5. Alisha Erin /// 08.15.2012 /// 7:21pm

    Reminds me of Francesca Woodman somehow.

  6. Fine art nudes featured in The Jealous Curator » Daphne Chan Photography Blog /// 08.17.2012 /// 9:27am

    […] was recently featured on Danielle’s blog and was tickled by her description of my fine art nudes as, “Lovely, yet somewhat disturbing, […]

  7. Daphne /// 08.17.2012 /// 9:34am

    Hi Alisha,

    It’s funny you should mention her as I discovered her work while I was at photo school. I love Woodman’s ethereal nature in her portraits so thank you for the compliment!


  8. vic /// 08.20.2012 /// 8:43pm

    sigh, i love these. i’d love to own one, especially the bathtub one.

  9. Melissa /// 08.21.2012 /// 10:21am

    Super super neat, thanks for posting this one. Love the shots.

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