i’m jealous of tinca veerman

Ah, the foggy, soft, haunting portraits of Amsterdam based artist Tinca Veerman. I’m not sure how she did this {I’m not a photographer in any way!}, but I love the effect. I feel like I’m looking at these girls through a steamed pane of glass. So pretty… and just a tiny bit creepy.

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  1. Rose /// 09.12.2012 /// 12:03pm

    I love these! I wish I could see them in person – I kept waiting for the site to load, thinking that’s why they’re blurry

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.12.2012 /// 1:15pm

    ha! either that, or we REALLY need glasses!

  3. Amanda /// 09.12.2012 /// 4:21pm

    I love these! Pretty but creepy. It’s great!

  4. allie kelley /// 09.12.2012 /// 7:29pm

    they are pretty, but they hurt my eyes alittle.

  5. Laura /// 09.12.2012 /// 9:29pm

    You get to see the color and composition without being distracted by the facial expressions. Very cool.

  6. Melissa /// 09.16.2012 /// 10:39am

    Very creepy!

  7. Carla /// 09.17.2012 /// 4:49pm

    muy hermoso. la amé

  8. Jake /// 09.24.2012 /// 12:50pm

    It is really weird, that sense of fear, creepiness whatever you may call it, it gets me. just by blurring the pictures… strange 🙂

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