i’m jealous of toni silber-delerive

These lovely rooftops {and pools!} by New York based artist Toni Silber-Delerive make me want to hop on a plane to just about anywhere… or move to the suburbs! So simple, gorgeous colors, and such a lovely view of the world.

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  1. nosk /// 09.18.2012 /// 8:07am

    little boxes on the hillside… little boxes made of ticky tak…
    enjoying your blog – yeah I’m jealous too!

  2. Christina /// 09.18.2012 /// 10:23am

    Toni is killing it with the color.

  3. the jealous curator /// 09.18.2012 /// 12:44pm

    yes, indeed!

  4. Laura /// 09.18.2012 /// 2:30pm


  5. Artsy Forager /// 09.20.2012 /// 8:53am

    Really lovely. Rooftops in small hillside towns can be so inspiring!

  6. Toni /// 09.25.2012 /// 11:08am

    Thank you for the mention on your site!

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