i’m jealous of mary kate mcdevitt

I am waking up in Philadelphia this morning, getting ready for tomorrow’s GIRL CRUSH with the lovely Shauna Alterio {where amazing things will happen!}, and I thought it was appropriate to feature a Philly-born* artist for the weekend post! Enter the hand-lettering work of  Mary Kate McDevitt… so fun, so charming, and her color choices are fantastic! Can I get a HIGH 5? Nice!

* Mary Kate is now based in Portland, but then this post wouldn’t have been quite as timely!

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  1. Jill V. /// 10.12.2012 /// 6:15am


  2. Rowan Moore Seifred /// 10.12.2012 /// 8:23am

    Cool. Totally needed to see this today.

  3. ||| Tara ||| /// 10.12.2012 /// 9:22am

    Love her work–definitely girl crush worthy.

  4. kristin a. /// 10.12.2012 /// 10:59am

    I’m a huge fan of Mary Kate’s work. I have one of her chalkboards in my apartment!

  5. Jörg /// 10.13.2012 /// 8:36am

    Oh, I have a heart for Typo and now a crush on those pretty handmade letters! I really appreciate hand drawn chalkboards and signs and those ones are absolutely lovely. Thanks for this one jealous curator!

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  9. Torri Hadian /// 06.29.2017 /// 7:58pm

    I love it

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