i’m jealous of herb williams

So, you’ve all seen this, right?

Of course you have! This installation {made of crayons!!!} is titled “Wildfire” and was all over the interweb awhile back. The artist responsible for this beautiful work … American artist Herb Williams. Now, his crayon-assembling talent doesn’t end there. He also made these:

Bunnies and lions, oh my! And now you can see some of his newest work. He has a show that opens this Saturday, December 1st at The Rymer Gallery in Nashville. What can you expect? A giant tree made of crayons? Yep:

The show is titled Call of the Wild, and will run until January 26, 2013.

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  1. tiffanie /// 11.29.2012 /// 11:31am

    OMG. That is all.

  2. Ashley Hamilton /// 11.29.2012 /// 6:47pm

    Oh, thank you! i’ll definitely check out this show in Nashville before it ends. =)

  3. bianca /// 12.10.2012 /// 3:51pm

    I believe art is an important way of communicating and expressing feelings and thoughts, a unique way of demonstrating the simplicity of little things that could become greatest masterpieces of art. In fact, Herb Williams really shows that message to the audience. His creativity to do this kind of art is a unique way that in fact demonstrates a uniqueness in the world of art. It also makes me think that anything in art should be appreciated because artist take their time to create a drawing or painting, so that we should have the patience to observe it and admire it.It is amazing how now days we see art everywhere and that enrich us to observe and appreciate things better in life by just looking at a “simple” painting, drawing, or sculpture that has so much meaning, effort, and work into it.


  4. the jealous curator /// 12.10.2012 /// 9:47pm


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