i’m jealous of amanda smith… again

This is the work of one of my favorite ceramic artists ever… Amanda Smith. If you’re not familiar with her usual work, have a look at this post I wrote about her in my Girl Crush series on sfgirlbybay (go now, and then come right back!)

Great, yes!? Ok, so this is a new body of work by Amanda, that she is selling in her very affordable Etsy shop, called CLAY  MATTER:

Love, love, love! It’s like little characters from her ceramic slab narratives have ventured off on their own… so sweet/very weird! I wrote about her in 2009 , and she is one of the artists featured in my book {are you picking up on how much I love her work?} But wait, there’s more… ceramic rings? Yes. Ceramic rings:

{ps. everything in this post is between $25 – $62… seriously!}

comments (8)

  1. Christina /// 12.03.2012 /// 8:23am

    I love it! I just bought a kicka$% brooch (for myself) and I can’t wait to wear it!

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.03.2012 /// 9:03am


  3. Hagar /// 12.03.2012 /// 10:07am

    Oh Yeah! love love love!

  4. gretchen /// 12.03.2012 /// 1:15pm

    That red colored flower ring – I’m also jealous. What a beauty.

  5. the jealous curator /// 12.03.2012 /// 2:14pm

    it could be yours for only $25!!! true story.

  6. Jörg /// 12.04.2012 /// 12:08am

    Not really jealous of this one, sorry. But I truly like her other work, the pieces in your link I mean. Especially the detailled structure on the leafs of the trees. Great!

  7. Mina /// 12.04.2012 /// 7:07am

    Love all of it! But, I’m especially smitten with that flower ring and those mugs!!

  8. tisa /// 12.06.2012 /// 1:54am

    love it love it love it!

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