i’m ALWAYS jealous of ben skinner

Gah!!! I’m not sure how many people know this, but the work of Canadian artist Ben Skinner was pretty much the reason I started The Jealous Curator. And he’s done it again. I’m jealous. These pieces are from his latest show, and they took my breath away when I saw them. Simple, every day objects silhouetted perfectly in gold leaf on black lacquered panels. So simple, and oh so stunning.

I am so happy to say that I wrote about Ben for the first time almost four years ago, and since then we have become good friends, and we even did a show together in 2011. But wait… there’s more! His latest text piece, made of a single row of candy sprinkles {which he placed one by one with tweezers, using a syringe to apply the glue}:

Yep, I will always be jealous {in a good way!} of my friend Ben. My crazy, crazy, crazy friend, Ben {a single row of candy sprinkles?!?!}

comments (5)

  1. Katy /// 12.17.2012 /// 11:57am

    Those are gorgeous! They also give me a lot of hope that art is still about the physical act of creation, which for some reason is very important to me!

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.17.2012 /// 7:40pm

    he is truly a master of materials, that’s for sure! : )

  3. Rachael /// 12.17.2012 /// 11:10pm

    How inspiring! What some people do for their art continues to amaze me. Helly jelly.

  4. skiribilla /// 12.18.2012 /// 10:35am

    I love them! Congratulations for your intuition four years ago.

  5. the jealous curator /// 12.18.2012 /// 11:03am

    ha! thanks! his artistic genius was pretty easy to spot! ; )

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