i’m jealous of garage gallery

Garage Gallery started as just that… a garage in LA where art was shown, shared, and sold affordably:

They had some amazing artists hang their work! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from various shows:

Love! {1) Ming Ong  2) Aaron McConomy  3) Alika Cooper}

Now, Garage Gallery has gone online, stretching their community from a neighborhood in LA, to the world!!!

Lovely… and boy oh boy, do they have some great artists in their roster. Again, a few of my faves:

Yep, this is definitely a garage I could hang out in all day long! Go check it out… right now! ; )

{The pieces above are the work of 1) Emily Barletta 2) Emma Lawrenson  3) Paz Lopez  4) Elliot Beaumont}

comments (4)

  1. hollie /// 12.20.2012 /// 10:52am

    uuuugh i can’t comprehend why someone doesn’t just give me 1000s of dollars to spend on art!

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.20.2012 /// 1:55pm

    i know! what is their problem?!

  3. jussray /// 03.21.2013 /// 10:18am

    Fabulous Art.

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.21.2013 /// 5:21pm


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