i’m jealous of ceren kilic

Now that’s my kind o’ fashion. Istanbul based artist & graphic designer Ceren Kilic has crafted these lovely silhouettes from all sorts of bits and pieces. She says that she’s inspired by “old french movies, people in the 50s and 60s, geometry, celestial objects (such as stars, nebulae, galaxies), landscapes and mineralogy” … Yep, I can see that! Rich colors, stunning found imagery, and simple/gorgeous shapes. Ok, so who wants to put one on, and go dancing? Me too!

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  1. JoaN /// 01.15.2013 /// 1:02am

    How honest, in polite society we usually say admire and secretly we are jealous underneath all the smiles and isn’t your work wonderfuls!!! Love your site. Joan

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.15.2013 /// 8:32am

    thanks joan : ) when i started the site it was jealous (in a bad, sad, kind of jealousy)… 4 years later i’ve made my way to jealous (in a good, inspirational, kind of way) ; )

  3. Melanie /// 01.17.2013 /// 9:45pm


  4. the jealous curator /// 01.17.2013 /// 9:52pm

    ha! now THAT’S the reaction i’m looking for! : )

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    […] Ceren Kilic silhouettes. […]

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