i’m jealous of nuala o’donovan

Whoa. Crazy, beautiful, organic ceramic pieces by Nuala O’Donovan, an artist based in Cork, Ireland. I am imagining that these photos do not do her work justice. I would love the chance to have a closer look, and actually hold one of these stunning objects in my hot little hands… very, very carefully, of course. Here is Nuala’s artist statement about this work, and her process:

“My work combines regular pattern with the characteristics of irregular patterns and forms from nature. Each element of the pattern is individually made, the form is constructed slowly over a period of weeks or months. The finished forms are a result of an intuitive response to the direction that the pattern takes as well as the irregularity in the handmade elements of the pattern.”

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  1. Aaron /// 01.17.2013 /// 11:01am

    Ceramics??!! WOW!

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.17.2013 /// 4:27pm

    yep! crazy.

  3. Al /// 01.17.2013 /// 6:45pm


  4. Heather /// 01.17.2013 /// 7:29pm


  5. Helen /// 01.17.2013 /// 11:26pm

    Just been reading about 3d printers – thought these must have been made by one – they look amazing so complex and delicate

  6. Nina Lise@Mrs Moen /// 01.18.2013 /// 10:24am

    These are totally awesome, I too want one of them, like the one looking like a hedgehog!

  7. Miss Ruth /// 01.18.2013 /// 11:43am

    The first one reminds me of a piece of antler I picked up in the woods last summer. It has the same kind of internal structure and external shape. These are absolutely fascinating.

  8. tracey /// 01.22.2013 /// 9:22am

    I am generally not a ceramics fan but these are simply luscious !

  9. the jealous curator /// 01.22.2013 /// 10:00am

    wait til you see what i have coming up next week… crazy ceramics!

  10. alice ballard /// 03.04.2013 /// 11:58am

    Really quite amazing!!!!!!!!

  11. Kerry /// 04.18.2013 /// 9:47am

    in a word WOW!!! I am soooo jealous

  12. v.lou /// 06.11.2013 /// 11:56pm

    I’m jealous of your blog!!!!:-)
    so happy to discover your world

  13. the jealous curator /// 06.12.2013 /// 7:24am

    thank you! : )

  14. Connie /// 09.22.2013 /// 7:23am

    I am blown away by the artistic brilliance of this Irish girl. It is beautiful and makes you feel good. I wonder what could be made in a similar fashion from paper (a way of recycling) and string, but I can see that the inner workings probably would not hold up. How long does one piece take to make? Must be many months. Wonderful, wonderful. Keep it coming. Thank you for sharing with the world !!

  15. the jealous curator /// 09.22.2013 /// 9:01am

    i’m not sure how long each piece takes… they sure are fantastic though, aren’t they!? : )

  16. Laurie Hassold /// 03.04.2014 /// 10:48pm

    Love what you share..very inspiring! I work with resin clay and am wondering if this approach would work in my medium..hmmmm, could be a new direction!

  17. Camille Shaw /// 09.08.2014 /// 12:34pm

    Very delicate workmanship, created by an extreamly talented person. You are surrounded by angels and your hands should be canonized!!

  18. Manuel Melo /// 10.18.2016 /// 4:11pm

    Só posso agradecer por tais trabalhos, Já me sentia feliz em os ver por perto.

    Muito obrigada

    M. Melo

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